Some twenty-one years ago (June 1995), I created a word card game called Rhymes & ‘Nyms. In 2010 I got my first “smart” phone and like others enjoyed the fun of online games. It then seemed logical to explore that venue for my game, and in 2012 an online version of the game launched. It has been a fun and challenging journey to watch the game grow and know that so many players from literally all over the world have downloaded and played the game. Now in 2016, it is with mixed feelings  I am taking the game off line. While sometimes ego can get in the way of business decisions, I have determined this is the right decision. The online game market is very competitive, and it is difficult to stand out from the thousands of games. In addition, managing an online game as complex as Rhymes & ‘Nyms is a daunting task. But many associates, friends, and family have helped along the way. I am very grateful and appreciative of their help. But I guess at age 21 it is time to let my baby go! I make one last dying breath request. If there are developers, institutions or backers out there who have an interest in continuation of the game in some form, I would be open to a conversation. Any comments or inquiries may be directed to me at Thank you all! Joan Berry.

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