On July 20, news stories will be reporting about American Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon in 1969. I don’t believe he really “walked” on the moon! Pause a moment to think about the word “walk.” Next imagine the moon surface of a fine, slippery dust and strewn with rocks and boulders. Think how gravity 1/6th that of earth feels. Then imagine wearing a bulky space suit and a vision restricting helmet. Could he walk? Perhaps instead he glided a few steps at a time then hopped or bounced over rocks and boulders. Maybe he stumbled and staggered when he tried to turn his head to view the unfamiliar landscape. Or as he filled his pack with small rock samples, the added weight caused him to shuffle and lurch forward. This short narrative illustrates how using different words to describe an action help us see events in a more realistic manner. So take a walk through some new words playing Rhymes & ‘Nyms.


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