As a young child, my favorite Aunt asked me to help prepare for a special family gathering. She said we needed to make a flower arrangement for the table and we must find a frog to hold the stems in the vase. I was understandably confused. Where were we going to find a frog? If we caught one, how would we make sure the frog stayed with the flowers and did not hop away? My Aunt opened some cupboards and brought out a small heavy object that was flat on the bottom but had sharp spikes on the top surface. This was not at all what I envisioned as a frog and illustrates how challenging our language is. “Frog” has numerous and very different meanings that might be fun to explore. Check them out during the game. At the home screen, tap “About” then “Credits” and go to either Wordnik or Merriam Webster and type in “frog.” JB

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