ANSWER: 50 Years

QUESTION: How long ago did the game show “Jeopardy” begin? In 1964 Merv Griffin originated the show concept; and the last thirty years, Alex Trebek has served as host of this international favorite. We wondered why the title “Jeopardy” was chosen. The English dictionary definition is “great danger or risk of loss.” The word derives from Middle English “jeopartie” meaning even chance; Old French “jeu parti” meaning game, divided play or even chance; and Latin “jocus” meaning jest or game. What a very clever and apt title for a game based on knowledge, timing, and wagering. The name of our game “Rhymes & ‘Nyms” does not roll off the tongue as easily as “Jeopardy” but does offer challenge and fun. So sharpen your word skills and invite a friend to play at the Game Center or try pass and play.


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