Leaping Leprechauns

In our Rhymes & ‘Nyms game, the word “leprechaun” was recently played. We
thought this was very timely as during March at our home, we always display
green shamrocks and a traditional leprechaun doll with pointed ears
dressed in green clothing and black buckled shoes. According to Irish
folk tales, leprechauns are always male and work as shoemakers or cobblers,
a craft arrived at by necessity since they love to dance the Irish jig and
wear out their shoes very quickly. Other legends say catching one of these
leaping leprechauns can give you three wishes in exchange for release.
Or that following one might lead you to a pot of gold coins at the end of
a rainbow. So players if you struggle to find synonyms or similar words
for leprechaun, here are a few: pixie, fairy, elf, sprite, troll, gnome,
brownie. Or rhymes: overdrawn, withdrawn, predawn, spawn, mastodon,

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