So many words, so little time!!!

To find out how many words are in the English language, we did some research. According to the Global Language Monitor website, there are an estimated 1,019,729 words as of January 2013 and about 14.7 new words are added daily.  In a previous blog, we explored reasons for word failures within the Rhymes & ‘Nyms™ game.  As all players can attest, many words that seem to be acceptable are rejected.  This is frustrating, and we share this frustration.   Our dictionary verification sources have limitations and definitely do not contain 1,019,729 words!  To overcome this, we are laboriously building our own data base dictionary.  Our staff researches rejected word pairs; and when appropriate, we add them to our dictionary.   BUT FOLKS THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE.   Keep playing and we will keep adding words.  Contact us at

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