Call and Text


One of the fun things about our Rhymes & ‘Nyms™ game is that we get to create our own dictionary and make decisions on which word pairs are valid within a category.   Some times this is a challenging responsibility.  Our failed word report shows that many players believe that “call and text” are antonyms (opposites). Well, why not?  If I can’t reach you by phone, I will just text you!  This word pair is a prime example of how rapidly technology changes our lives and a language evolves in response.   Our staff has debated this pair, and some made strong arguments that they are synonyms (the same or similar meanings).  Both words define ways of communicating; one immediately verbal and one written.  We are stumped.  We decided to ask our game players to help us on this.  Are “call and text” antonyms or synonyms?   Let us know what you think at

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