In a land far away, she wondered if everyone knew about the new gnu. Did they understand the enormity of this event?  It was such exciting news because it created the opportunity for more gnus.  No, how could they know!  Though there were dark and evil forces that kept her chained to her desk, she vowed to find a way to weigh the new baby gnu. She quickly grabbed…….

In case you haven’t figured out this one, we are talking about HOMONYMS.  A gnu is a large African antelope, also called a wildebeest.  This word appeared on a reject list, and we are pleased to add it to our growing data base  of homonyms.  We also want to clarify the rules for what is and is not a homonym as established for Rhymes & ‘Nyms™.  (Remember it is our game, so we get to make the rules).

We group and categorize as homonyms only the following:

            1.  Words pronounced the same but spelled differently and having different meanings:  too, to, two or sent, scent, cent.  These are more correctly called homophones.

            2.  Words spelled the same but different pronunciation and meaning:

tear (as in crying and could rhyme with fear or near)  and tear (to rip) and could rhyme with care or air).  These are more correctly called homographs. 

In a broader context, homonyms also include any word that has numerous meanings. Unfortunately that includes about half the words in the English language!  Think of the word “sharp.”  Merriam-Webster has 14 base word definitions.  In our Rhymes & ‘Nyms™ game for homonym purposes, we do not allow sharp and sharp.  Save these multiple-meaning words or contexts for use as synonyms and antonyms and score big points.  If you have suggestions for homonym words or others to add, please contact us at  Keep playing and looking up those words.

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