Dogs and Cats … Oh, my!

We currently capture all of the failed attempts at making word pairs and we are constantly making updates to our personal dictionary to add pairs that our sources cannot match.  A recent entry were the words Angry and Happy as antonyms.  Surely these two are antonyms, but, for some reason unbeknownst to us, our sources do not have those paired.  Sixteen times this pair has been played as antonyms by gamers for which it failed.  So, of course, it was added to yet another source, our personal dictionary.  Going forward, gamers will see this play accepted (in either order).

But … there are also pairs which have a large number of failures, yet, they are not added and the title of this post iterates just that.  Dog and Cat as an antonym.  As of this posting, this is one of the largest pairs to fail.  While we agree dogs and cats couldn’t be more opposite in nature, the words themselves are not antonyms.

While we are definitely not qualified to be the word police, we do discuss and use other references to validate failed word pairs before they are deemed matches.  The English language is complex and can be interpreted differently by all walks of life.  If you feel we need to add a word pair to our personal dictionary, please let us know.  We are wordiestoo, and would love to discuss your thoughts:

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