Don’t you just hate it when you make a goof, booboo, error or misstatement?  Well … we sure did with the launch of our first application, Rhymes & ‘Nyms™.  Our in-game tutorial lists the definitions of the game play categories: Antonym, Synonym, Homonym and Rhymes.  We erroneously switched the definitions for Antonym and Synonym.  So, to be sure we are all straightened out, here is the corrected version:

Antonym – Opposite meaning
Synonym – Same meaning
Homonym – Same sound but different spelling (to, too, two) or same spelling, different meaning and pronunciation (tear, as in cry; tear, as in rip)
Rhyme – Same ending sound
Wildcard – Any category

We just didn’t see the forest through the trees …

We will soon have an update to the app and correct our blunder, mistake, blooper, gaffe.

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