How the Rhymes & ‘Nyms™ game began:

In 1994 game creator Joan Berry had recently retired and literally dreamed up the game making notes in the middle of the night.  With family encouragement, she pursued the idea of marketing the game which she decided to call Rhymes & ‘Nyms™   based on the game play using rhymes, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.  In 1995, the first games were sold in stores and by mail order with special appeal to home school families.  In 2002 Joan’s husband Gene retired, and they became involved in volunteer and leisure activities.  Soon grandchildren began to arrive and the game was set aside for a while. 

But in 2010, Joan was introduced to a fun new electronic gadget called the iPhone.  What a revelation!  The phone had games on it – lots of games.  She liked word games, but they all seemed to be very similar.   One day she approached her computer whiz son-in-law and asked – “could my game work on one of these iPhones?”   He said “Yes!”   Thus began the effort to bring what was once a fun card game created and played at home almost twenty years ago, to the larger, fast paced electronic world of today.        

BerHen, LLC  began in 2010 with the goal of bringing this family oriented word game called  Rhymes & ‘Nyms™  to the internet age.   The process has been challenging with many fits and starts along the way, but we believe our initial offering will be a welcome change from all the word games currently available. 

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we have.  Please send us any thoughts you have to: 

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